December 12, 2019

With its unique interactive mode, network marketing

Different from the traditional marketing model. The interaction can be strengthened according to the enterprise's own product characteristics, specific target customer base, unique corporate culture and so on. Save some money. In marketing, hunger marketing refers to the intention of commodity providers to reduce output in order to adjust the relationship between supply and demand, create the illusion that supply exceeds demand, and maintain high prices and high profit margins. To put it simply, it is to adjust the quantity of both supply and demand, so as to affect the price of the terminal, so as to achieve the purpose of fare increase. This marketing method is suitable for situations where potential users have high expectations and the product itself has unique advantages. A typical example is Marlboro's success in attracting the interest of potential consumers after placing a large number of advertisements. However, it is not available everywhere. It has formed the illusion of consistent supply and demand among enterprises and consumers, and achieved high sales performance when it entered the market for the last time.

Word-of-mouth marketing is a simple word-of-mouth marketing, which makes use of the spontaneous communication behavior of consumers. Enterprises only need to invest less money to establish and guide word-of-mouth communication, such as through official websites, official posts and forums to communicate with consumers, share brand stories, resonate with target user groups, and form a wide range of communication effects. Adopt a simple and easy incentive mechanism to stimulate the sharing enthusiasm and re-consumption desire of old users, and attract new consumers to form a secondary sales channel. The development of the Internet has changed the social economy, and physical enterprises have also begun to take the road of network marketing. Some people begin to have ideas to take, and offline marketing should also pay attention to strategies. Otherwise, we cannot move our competitors. The same is true of online marketing. Today, let's talk about the theme of network marketing strategy analysis.

In order to fully grasp the direction of network marketing for small and medium-sized enterprises, recall a sentence previously written in the Enterprise Valley network promotion plan: "Direction is more important than effort." Direction is the top priority. In jargon, it is "market positioning", which is the guide and basis of all follow-up work. Generally speaking, at the beginning of our work, we should study the market. products, enterprises, competitors, prices, etc. In view of these aspects, we can locate the direction of our enterprise according to the actual situation of our enterprise. One of the most important is to find the source of the customer base.

The enterprise carries out the network marketing plan, according to the previous experience of the enterprise website promotion, generally speaking, according to the above first point, the network marketing planner, the plan is according to the direction and goal of the specific implementation steps and methods, and keep in mind the principles of "SEO optimization" and "SEO optimization". In general, 80% of site traffic comes from 20% of the target keywords, and it is not important to distinguish between 20% and 80% in implementation. The important thing is that for enterprises, 80% of the long-tail keywords, we should achieve the goal. For small and medium-sized enterprises, generally speaking, 20% of the target key words are that they want to stick to it, pointing out that as long as you are firm, I believe you will achieve very good results. What I want to say here is that it's true if you don't get the results you want, because their implementation is not enough. No matter what kind of promotion, we should learn to try boldly and remember that the registration forum mentioned by network operation experts in their posts reaches hundreds of times a day. of course, it may not be suitable for us, so why can't we do it? Because I feel powerless and meaningless, what kind of effect to achieve, especially the forum promotion, is often because the article editor is not in place to lead to the above effect is not ideal, if it is you, what will you do?


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